The Bio-Resource Information Management System

Connecting the world to Alberta’s biomass, ecosystem services, and land-use data enabling informed resource management and investment decisions

What is BRIMS?

To encourage green investment in Alberta, there needs to be public access to high-resolution biomass and other ecosystem services data to enable informed resource management and investment decisions.

The Bio-Resource Information Management System (BRIMS) is a world-class, publicly available data and information management system that collates inventories from forestry, agriculture, and municipal sectors to create a centralized, comprehensive assessment of Alberta’s biomass, ecosystem services, and land-use data.

Identify and locate biomass & other ecosystem services in Alberta

Filter and search information

Create & save supply reports

Easily target & customize search locations

Build & compare scenarios

Enhanced BRIMS Services Available

Professional services to help organizations better understand the data derived from the BRIMS application and the options to utilize it to grow bio-business in the province are available.

Use Cases

Interested in Using BRIMS to Help Diversify or Grow Your Economy?

The BRIMS application can help you locate biomass and other ecosystem services available in your area, identify its composition, and explore the environmental implications for managing it.

Need to go a step further? Maybe you’re looking for green investment opportunities to help encourage development in your local economy? Investing in bio-resources can be a daunting task to initiate – a lack of capacity, limited knowledge, or a technology deficiency can make it seem like an impossible task. We can help you decipher what biomass or other ecosystem services exist in your area, and we can equip you with the resources you need to communicate it back to your people.

Are You Looking for Ways to Expand Your Business?

The BRIMS application can help you identify and locate biomass and other ecosystem services in Alberta, create and save supply reports, and explore infrastructure considerations associated with its extraction.

Need to go a step further? Perhaps you are looking for a way to inform and make the business case to your Board on the opportunities available to your business. We can help support your bio-resource business growth through the provision of enhanced analysis, including information on the supply chain costs, biomass commitments, risks, tactical availability, and sustainability of feedstocks available in the province.

Looking for Bio-Resource Investment Opportunities in Alberta?

The BRIMS application can help you access dependable, spatially explicit data about Alberta’s biomass and other ecosystem services starting with how much exists and where it is located.

Need to go a step further? If you're ready to invest, you will require more specific details, particularly regarding infrastructure. For example, you might be wondering where to build based on supply? We can help by providing a supply location report based on access to the feedstock of your choice. Perhaps you are also concerned with the economics of the investment. We can help you with this concern by defining the economic characteristics of the feedstock.

How We Can Help You Make the Most of the BRIMS Data


Custom biomass or other ecosystem services analyses

Assess risks and refine assessments

High-resolution local inventories

Resources to help you communicate business opportunities

Connect with the right grants, research initiatives, etc.

Local Business

Experienced staff that have access to the tools needed to create custom reports, analyses, maps, etc.

Educate your Board and make your business case through the development of easy to understand communication materials

Spatial analysis and custom detailed maps

Technical analysis to help assess business risks

Determine the supply chain costs and tactical availability of bio-resources

New Business Opportunities

Information on the security and predictability of very specific biomass or other ecosystem service supplies

Compile a supply location report based on a specific feedstock

Create an activity map to explain how the supply will move from the field to the processing plant

Define the economic characteristics of feedstocks

Connect with the latest academic research

You may have specific needs that you don’t see listed. Contact us to discuss your potential scenarios further.